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MC CEED - sounds cool!

Hey AIESEC Croatia!
Long time haven't published anything here:) But this time we have something to share: our lovely MC CEEDer Lena Pesina (who worked in our MC August-October 2009) contributed to our blog!
Here it goes:

"Bok, AIESEC in Croatia!!!!!
How are you doing???
How was WLDC?
Congrats on electing your amazing MCP for 1011 !!!

I just wanted to share with you what i am doing here now!=)

I am back to my home town! It is called Cheboksary. You can prbably find it on the map or some pictures in google=))
Here life if much more calm then in Moscow. Anyways I always manage to find some adventures on my ...
I am teaching in the University here. Teaching law as soon as it is my educational background. And AIESEC helps me here a lot. I usually have an outline for my classes, start them with bang and gap=)) No seriously, I would not feel so comfortable teaching a class and so confident if I didn't have 3,5 years of training XP in AIESEC=)
Also i study for PhD and already started my research. it's gonna be a lot of work! In addition to that I am preparing a group of students for international law contest of Jessup, being their coach! Try to guess where I got the coaching skills from? =)
During this couple of months I have been a conference manager for one national conference (REC), facilitator for the other national conference (Natco) and agenda manager for the third one (National OPS)=) Life has been really busy.
But all of these was not enough for me=) A week ago on National Congres'09 I have recieved a mandate to develop an initiative group of AIESEC in Cheboksary=) New AIESEC entity in AIESEC Russia. Which will be based in the University were I work. What have you heard of the alignment of personal and organizational goals? Here it is!!! Yahoo=) Before that I was establishing relations with the administration, making presenations and a lot of other exciting things=)
So, all of you are welcome to Russia, to my home town for a CEED!!! or.. sooon , for an internship=)

CEED is a really really great experience which you can get in AIESEC! I am absolutelly greatfull to your MC team and to all of AIESEC in Croatia for making my XP happen and for shaping it the way it was! I don't think that without having this challenge i would go for opening an expansion.

It's a short term XP and you can easily fit it in your studies and work cycle. But as soon as it is short it's really quick how you should go into the reality and understand what exactly instruments will help you to make an impact. You also have to balance taking into consideration the reality and realizing what has to be changed no matter what. And this is the biggest challenge. You have an oportunity to put yourself out of the comfort zone and check how you gonna perform=)
But if you ask me about the biggest value you get, I will tell you - PEOPLE!
People you meet, you work with, you live with, PEOPLE!
It has always been the biggest reason for me in AIESEC.
During my CEED in Croatia I was working with your amazing MC Team and I love all of them!

I was mostly involved in working on TM processes such as talent review (we were making a system of how to review your membership before recruitment, now there is an online tool and also you have a guide for talent review talks), recruitment guide book (which is not only TM process but also Com + X. And you have the reruitment guide book), more closely we were working on the selection process and selection materials (you had education on how to run assessments and you have assessment guides and interview documents), Induction (we discussed what's the most important here and you have guidlines on how the induction process can look like in the LC), LTS agenda and sessions (I have heard that you use them as a basis now and build on them. This is really great!).

I would specially thank the MC team because they let me be the real part of the team in working and non working moments! This is priceless for me! As soon as I think that team is one of the biggest assests in AIESEC!
I was involved in the MC team planning, team buildings and teamactivities, facilitated the national conference together with the MC team.
This is especially very important when you are a CEEDer and your status in the country\LC is not really defined and you try to find the border of what you can do say and what you can not. I should say that i felt really comfortable and absolutely at home as soon as my short adaptation period finished, i didn't really want to leave=)

I really hope thay my stay in Croatia did have an impact on you, guys, did help you in some ways to increase your perfomance and I wish all of you the best of the bests in your lifes and in your AIESEC XP! If you want to experience something like me - go for CEED! And not only. Take opportunities in AIESEC. Apply for MC! I think Owen is waiting for you! You will have an increadible opportunity to shape your AIESEC country and bring it were you want it to be! Apply for LCP, LC VP, take international opportunities - conferences, CEEDs, INTERNSHIPS!!! As soon as you see that there is alignment with your personal goals and life vision - go for it!!! Take the challenge!
Don't miss them, trust me, you will never regret that you took them, but you will regret missing them!

Hugs from cold Russia,
missing you,
always yours

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Central and Eastern Europe Motivational Seminar

CEEMOS (Central and Eastern Europe Motivational Seminar) is a taking responsibility conference for AIESEC members in CEE Growth Network. It is the first opportunity for members to see and feel the true internationalism, real power of the organization and start building their own network in the CEE region. Moreover the conference is helping to increase delegates` knowledge and understanding about the organization and opportunities ahead. Furthermore, it is also great chance to get the best out of your AIESEC XP.
CEEMOS 2009, such as it is, represents the very best opportunity to enjoy not just the multicultural, but also the intercultural, by bringing so many nations to our country. We see CEEMOS 2009 as a platform for mutual understanding of the CEE countries, an opportunity to present the Bosnia and Herzegovina today, peaceful and modern as it is.
Conference was held in beging of March in Sarajevo and Croatian representatives were there.
"CEEMOS Sarajevo 2009 je najbolja internacionalna konferencija na kojom sam ikad bio. Upoznao sam puno novih ljudi iz različitih zemalja svijeta i time proširio svoju mrežu kontakata, podsjetio sam se što je AIESEC i kako je to "living diversity" među ljudima iz 16 zemalja. Naučio sam raditi u područjima AIESEC-a u kojima prije nisam imao priliku raditi, također moj engleski je znatno napredovao a ono najvažnije, jako,jako sam se dobro zabavljao za vrijeme cijele konferencije." by Kristija Šimičić from Osijek

"The conference was great. It offered real motivation for meeting other people, making contacts and understanding diverse cultures. The sessions were full of informative talks, tasks, videos, and were run by very capeable people. Simulations offered good preparation for AIESEC experience, and an insight into what we are good at." by Filip Životić from Rijeka

"At CEEMOS I've met over 120 AIESECers from more than 15 countries. On international conferences you can see how global AIESEC really is, when you hear different ideas from different point of view, and GCPs from your international coleagues. Then you really get experience in global fun, and global learning environment, not even mentioning that your network gets bigger and bigger." by Goran Keserović from Rijeka

More information about conference and about atmosphere u can find here.

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Since 1953 in Croatia...

In 1953, only 4 years after AIESEC International was founded, students of Economics and Business in Universities of Belgrade, Ljubljana and Zagreb recognized the opportunity that was presenting itself and founded Local Committees of AIESEC in their Universities. This made former Yugoslavia the first country of the «eastern block» to join this international student organization. In the 1960s and 1970s AIESEC in Yugoslavia has recorded a continuous growth in membership and exchanges and its image within the corporate sector was growing stronger by the year.

The culmination of the growth happened in 1985 when AIESEC in Yugoslavia, following the European Congress (ELCM – European Local Committee Meeting) held at the end of the year in Belgrade, won the award as being the top performing country that year, i.e. the country that had progressed the most in the stated period. In April 1990 AIESEC in Yugoslavia was given the honor of organizing ENALDS – European and North American Leadership Development Seminar which took place in Zadar, Croatia.

The last National Conference of AIESEC in Yugoslavia (58th National Conference) took place in April 1991 on Bjelolasica. The very next National Conference, held in December that same year, officially marked the end of AIESEC in Yugoslavia. In 1992 Republic of Croatia officially became a member country of AIESEC International.

Ms. Renata Firšt (maiden name: Ćurković), President of the Local Committee in Zagreb for the term 1991/1992 and National Committee President for the term 1992/1993, remembers that year very vividly:

«The New Beginning was the slogan of the first «official» year of existence of AIESEC in Croatia. The international recognition of our country as a member country of AIESEC International on the International Congress in Budapest meant a lot to over 300 Croatian AIESECers of the time, who had worked hard to acomplish that goal. The Croatian delegation on International Congress in Hungary was composed of the entire National Committee of that term (Renata Hrbud, Goran Duić, Daniel Nevidal and Renata Firšt) as well as of over 20 members of Local Committees from all over Croatia.

The friendships we have made at that time with AIESECers from Australia, Canada, Ireland and other countries, continue today. After International Congress in Hungary, we organized the 1st Croatian Motivation Seminar (Hrvatski Motivacijski Seminar – HMS) which was attended by a very dear guest – Stuart Spitteri, National Committee President of AIESEC in Australia. The Good Case Practice of foreigners visiting our newly established AIESEC country continued with another visit following the European Congress organized in The Czech Republic. This time the distinguished guest was Nick Rodrigue, National Committee Vice-President for Exchange of AIESEC in Canada, who till this day remembers the salted pilchards and rakija that the whole Canadian delegation was so exhilarated with in the Global Village of the European Congress.

After Nick, there were many other international guests who were all surprised at the positive energy and extraordinary atmosphere that accompanied each conference organized in Croatia as well as all our delegations that attended numerous international conferences. Each foreign trainee was greeted with enthusiasm and our trainees going abroad all left Croatia craving meeting new people, gaining professional experience and, most of all, meeting new cultures.»